The Country - Christmas in the Philippines

Read the country facts, learn about the Christmas traditions in Philippines and then watch the video.

Facts about Philippines

  • The Philippines is an island nation located in South East Asia.
  • It is made up of 7107 islands.
  • Its capital is Manila and its currency is the Philippine Peso.
  • The official languages of Philippines are Tagalog and English.
  • It has a very hot and humid climate and is home to a diverse range of birds, animals and rain forests.

Christmas traditions in Philippines

  • In Tagalog, Merry Christmas is Maligayang Pasko.
  • Filipino homes are often decorated with the traditional Parol Christmas Lantern, which is a bamboo pole frame with a lighted star.
  • On Christmas Eve, Filipino families go to church for the ‘simbang gabi’ the Christmas Eve Mass.
  • This is followed by Noeche Buena, which is a mid night feast consisting of roasted pig, ham, fruit salad, rice cakes, steamed rice and other sweets as well as many kinds of drinks.

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