Baroque Era - Research Project

Baroque Era

Research Activities

4 - 6 Years

  • Gather pictures of important figures from across Asia and Europe during the 17th century and name them (politicians, writers, other musicians).
  • Give a 1 minute presentation on your favourite baroque composer and why you like his music.
  • Create a lap book by gathering and collating pictures of historic events, buildings and people of the 17th century.

6 - 10 Years

  • Name one important event that took place during the 17th century in Europe and write a brief essay about it.
  • Pick a historic monument that was built or completed during the 17th century, use visual aids and create a 3 - 6 minute presentation (use multi media tools where possible).
  • Create a timeline for the composers (their birth, death, career, etc) you learned in this unit.

10 - 14 Years

  • Pick two rulers or dynasties that were in power during the baroque era in music and compare their similarities and differences. For additional points analyze their individual contribution to music, arts and literature.
  • Use multi media tools to create a comprehensive timeline of some of the most important political, cultural and religious events that took place during the 17th century.
  • Using multi medial tools create a presentation of the composers and instruments you learned in unit and discuss how they changed or influenced the musical landscape of the baroque era.

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