The Battle Scene

In this scene, strange things begin to happen as the clock strikes midnight. As Clara begins to shrink, the beautiful Christmas tree in the background, begins to grow taller. All the toys that are under the tree, begin to come to life and an army of mice make an entrance, they are led by their fierce leader the Mouse King.


At that moment the Nutcracker begins to come to life and leads his army of toy soldiers into battle against the mice. The Mouse King and the Nutcracker battle each other one on one and the Nutcracker doesn’t seem to be able to match skill of the Mouse King. As a result the Nutcracker and his army of soldiers are about to be captured by the Mouse King and his army of mice. 

Seeing what is about to happen, Clara makes a daring move and throws her slipper at the Mouse King, hitting him squarely on the head. The Mouse King drops to the floor and the dismayed mice carry his lifeless body leaving the Nutcracker and his army of soldiers alone. 

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